Build Your Saas

I think the idea here is fantastic: the two hosts are building a company that hosts and does analytics for podcasts and they document the process weekly through podcast episodes. It is really worth it to listen to the roller-coaster that is to build an internet business
#business #startup


Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos are very funny hosts who always discuss interesting topics related to web development.

Darknet Diaries

Fascinating stories about hackers, data leaks, cyber crimes and cyber security
#cybersecurity #interviews

The Indie Hackers Podcast

Inspiring interviews with founders that always brings me insights on how these people turned their ideas into profitable internet businesses
#business #startup

Full Stack Radio

Longer episodes about specific themes around web development. The host is Adam Wathan, the author of a very cool CSS framework called TailwindCSS
#dev #interviews

Plug Your Ride Tesla Podcast

I have soo much fun listening to Eddie Haskel and Justin Riley talk about electric vehicles and Tesla.
#tesla #news #humor


News about space, universe and rockets. Do I need to say anything else?

Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

On this podcast, Reid Hoffman interviews several CEOs and other executives of tech companies to bring insights on how to scale a business.
#business #startups

No Plans to Merge

Two developers talking about regular stuff in a developer life. It's more interesting that it sounds.

The Saas Podcast

Interviews with founders of SaaS companies who talk about internet business development

StarTalk Radio

Neil deGrasse Tyson and a comedian co-host interview scientistts and celebrities to discuss astronomy, physics and the universe.

Above Avalon

The host analyses Apple through different perspectives, mixing Wall Street with Silicon Valley.
#apple #investments

The CultCast

Weekly discussion about Apple with very funny hosts. The main host's creativity to make jokes and sidetrack way too much is unparalleled
#apple #news #humor

The Five-Minute Geek Show

The host, Matt Staufer, is very active in the Laravel community and discusses briefly (about 5 minutes): frontend, backend, design, podcasts, entrepreneurship...

The Laracasts Snippet

Episodes usually short, created by the Laracast's founder: Jeffrey Way. Usually it's about web development, but sometimes he talks about how we work, insights, business, focus...
#dev #laravel

The Laravel Snippet

It's hosted by the Laravel author himself, Taylor Otwell. He brings updates about the framework development and insights into the creation that turned into a profitable business on top of Laravel.
#dev #laravel

Science Vs

Debunking myths (or proving them) using science. The host is very funny and the interviews with scientists are done with short and incisive questions.
#science #humor


Guilherme Rambo and John Sundell, both software developers for Apple platforms, talk about tech, side projects and Apple news.

The Tesla Show

The two hosts usually only create new episodes on special Tesla events such as new vehicle launches or quarterly financial reports. Both discuss Tesla and its market in depth, so the wait is well worth it.
#tesla #investments

Under the Radar

Discussions about software development for Apple platforms in the perspectives of Overcast and Pedometer++ authors

Bi-weekly episodes dedicated to the tools, techniques and technologies used in web development
#dev #interviews